EW's Karen Valby recommends Candace Bushnell's new novel for your frothy read this month

This goes out to all the ladies out there who are sick of feeling guilty about reading for…pleasure. I keep some froth on my bookshelves, wedged between my Joan Didions and Philip Roths. Every reader should. When I say froth, you know what I mean: glittery novels dressed up in slick covers, the literary equivalent of tiny dogs in sequined sweaters. But just because a girl has a taste for trash doesn’t mean she is without standards. I want great sex scenes, not ones that make me retch or roll my eyes. I want characters with more depth than paper dolls. I want to read authors who seem like they’re actually having fun, not just cynically cranking out schlock. And I know you want all those things too — so every month or so, in this column, I’m going to help you indulge yourself…

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has long sat preening in the high-end dessert aisle of literature. Her latest novel, One Fifth Avenue, about a tony Manhattan co-op building and the scheming and dreaming residents who call it home, is all things an escapist read should be: quick and wicked and wry. There’s a blown-out bitch to root against, a star-crossed couple to root for, and a Tim Gunn-style best friend who deserves his own book. Great, guiltless fun.

I’ll be back soon to recommend some more sugar. But now here are my plans for the evening: I’ve got the latest E. Lynn Harris novel and half a bottle of red and I’m not coming up for air until I’ve made it through both.

Don’t judge me.