What's coming up for the Australian singer whose song you've been hearing in those Old Navy commercials

Lenka (Epic)

Why she’s here to stay
Her hook-heavy ditties exist in the same vein of pop-folkies Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles, but the 30-year-old Aussie also possesses a gratifyingly dry Down Under wit.

How she’s cleaning up
Last year, her tune ”Follow” accompanied a Courteney Cox masturbation scene on FX’s Dirt. But this year’s gig is decidedly more wholesome: Old Navy spots featuring her bouncy single ”The Show” premiered during the widely viewed opening ceremony of the Olympics. ”It’s like, ‘Wow, I’ve been exposed to a lot of people, whether or not they know it!’ They probably don’t, mostly,” she laughs.

Coming up
A Conan appearance Sept. 24 (a day after her album debuts) and the Hotel Cafe Tour this fall. Plus, more play for her high-flying ”The Show” video, the shooting of which involved ”lots of harness work. I got to zip around in the air! It was painful on the inner thighs, but amazing.”