Credit: Retna

Entertainment is supposed to be one of those recession-proof businesses; even in tough economic times, people still go to the movies. This summer’s blockbuster box office seems to bear that out. On the other hand, an informal poll last week at suggested that as many as two thirds of moviegoers have changed their ticketbuying habits as a result of the economy. (The poll is gone from the site now, but the site’s publicist provided me with the poll results. Asked how the current economy had changed their moviegoing habits, 31 percent said it had done so “noticeably,” 33 percent said, “drastically,” and 36 percent said, “No change.” There were 2,168 respondents.)

Anecdotally, I imagine this is true. Tell us, PopWatchers: Has the economy affected your spending on entertainment? If so, how has it altered your moviegoing, or music-buying, or video rentals, or book purchases? Or has your pop culture consumption remained the same?