Actually, I’m not sure it’s ever occurred to me to wonder what it would be like to overhear a conversation between the legendary Beach Boy and the pixie-ish actor/singer. MySpace did, though, so they booked them for the latest installment of their “Artist on Artist” interview series. Hey, why not! The resulting chat (below) is equal parts awkward and endearing. Wilson and Deschanel both compliment one another’s new albums, and they both seem genuinely flattered to hear the praise. Another thing they agree on is harmony. (They’re both way pro-.) Then there are a few attempted jokes, small-talk, and such. Oh, also Wilson thinks Deschanel is “a very pretty girl.” That’s about it, but I definitely recommend checking this out if you’re a fan of either artist. What else do you have to do for the next five minutes?

Strange Bedfellows
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