So Antonio Sabato Jr. seemed like a genuine guy on that one episode of Celebrity Circus I watched, but I’m not buying that he’s looking for true love on his upcoming VH1 reality show. According to Variety, “Project will be shot like a soap opera — the genre Sabato’s best knownfor — and feature the thesp’s narration as he puts contestants throughvarious challenges, such as re-creating a steamy love scene orskydiving in a gown.”

If he wants to do this kind of show which I’m sure I’ll watch, fine. But he better not say s— like, “I’m finally ready to settle down.” If he was ready to settle down, he’d do the show I’m pitching: Covert cameras follow Sabato through his daily life, and everytime a woman asks him out, he has to say yes (unless she appears crazy). Then, I’d believe he’s serious about meeting someone.

Which brings me to my question: Is there a D-lister whose love life you’d still like to see unfold on your television, or have you had enough of this faux-love genre? I don’t know if Carrot Top is single, but I’d tune in to see how he navigates the dating pool. Seriously!

addCredit(“Sabato: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage; Carrot Top: Charley Gallay/Getty Imag”)