So here I was, all nervous that I was going to have to sit through another two hours of America’s Got Talent ridiculousness. But as one commenter pointed out, last night was only an episode to reveal the top ten! And thankfully, there were actually some surprises. First off, we got to see the ZOOperstars! faces. Well, almost all of them, as Pee Wee Geese was still in costume. But who knew that the ZOOperstars! actually look just like the Cadence? Faux hawks, blazers, fashionable jeans…they should have just danced looking like that. (Watch them performing in costume below.)

As for the top ten, the Wright Kids made it. Then, in a terrifying moment, where it looked as if America had to choose between Queen Emily and Neal E. Boyd, both of them made it through. Pretty sneaky there, Jerry. Though it was pretty cool to see all the judges genuinely nervous for once. I never thought I’d get to see Piers Morgan shocked. Then we got Paul Salos, Jessica Price, and Kaitlyn Maher. I think they’ve created a monster here. How would you get rid of little Kaitlyn now? No one is going to vote her off, because that means he or she would have had a hand in making a four-year-old cry. Then we got Donald Braswell, Nuttin’ But Stringz (yes!) and Eli Mattson. Eli Mattson and Sarah Lenore shared a tender, lingering hug onstage as she had to leave. I’m totally starting the rumor that they had something going on backstage; who’s with me? Last but not least, the judges chose Joseph Hall over “Baton Boy” (as Sharon called him in a very Paula moment, when she couldn’t remember Jonathan Burkin’s name).

So there you are, America: Your top ten. Do you agree with the picks? Disagree? Surprised at how many commercial breaks they were able to squeeze into half an hour?

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