2008 VMA style -- The MTV award show fashions from Britney Spears, Pink, and other leading musical ladies

MTV brought its Video Music Awards to Hollywood on Sept. 7, and the artists brought the crazy. We chart the highs (thank you, Britney) and the many lows of the evening.

· Britney Spears
After last year’s debacle, the popster redeemed with silver spangles and lucid speech.
· Lindsay Lohan
With her darkened locks, LiLo finally gave ’em something (good) to talk about.
· Pink, take two
But 90 seconds into her performance she lost the ugly overcoat and unveiled a lesson to Miss Perry on how to rock a one-piece.
· Rihanna, take two
Her hide-and-peek jacket was a little state-trooper and a lotta sexy.
· Britney, take two
Wardrobe: nailed. But for next year let’s work on those extensions, shall we?

· Rihanna
Why didn’t anyone tell Ri-Ri she left the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper stuck to her leotard?
· Katy Perry
The banana bit was cute, but from now on let’s leave the onesies poolside, please.
· Pink
Did the punk rocker raid Laura Bush’s closet for the dowdy taffeta coat dress she started off in?
· Christina Aguilera
If that black pantsuit was Xtina cleaned up, we’ll take Dirrty any day.