Credit: Everett Collection

Hipsters, rejoice! Director Spike Jonze’s much-anticipated Where the Wild Things Are has finally found a new release date. The big-screen adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s tale will hit theaters on October 16, 2009 — almost a year after it was originally scheduled to open. Still, that’s better than never opening at all, which many feared would be the beleaguered project’s fate when Warner Bros. removed it from its release slate in July. It seems the issues Warners execs were having with Jonze’s live-action take on the beloved story have been assuaged by a new cut the director delivered earlier this month. This new version, says one inside source, features Jonze’s re-shoots — specifically smaller scenes added to bolster the storyline between Max, played by newcomer Max Records, and the Wild Things. Now Jonze will work furiously to bring the Wild Things’ faces to life with CG animation, a task he’s confident he can complete by next October.

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