Nicole Kidman tops Forbes‘ second annual list of the Most Overpaid Stars (up from No. 2 last year). Given Kidman’s cold streak (a pattern we noticed a while back), it’s no surprise that Forbes finds her grosses-to-salary ratio the riskiest return on investment in Hollywood. It’s also no surprise to see Tom Cruise or J. Lo on this list (Forbes goes by the earnings of each star’s last three movies). On the other hand, Jennifer Garner? Are her grosses that low, even with her modest salary, that she belongs on this list? And Will Ferrell? (Maybe if the list took Semi-Pro into account, but it doesn’t.) I’ve questioned the list’s methodology before, but even if it’s accurate, I doubt it’s going to change any studio executive’s mind about paying these stars their asking price. As far as Hollywood and the public are concerned, Kidman is a glamorous, Oscar-winning A-lister, Garner is the next Sandra Bullock, and Ferrell is the king of lowbrow comedy, no matter what the number-crunchers say.

But we know better, don’t we, PopWatchers? Who would you say is overpaid in Hollywood? Who’s earning their keep? And who is a bargain?

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