Confessions of a Shopaholic
February 13

Plot: A spunky gal (Isla Fisher) with a weak spot for clothes pads her resume and ends up writing about financial advice at a magazine. Apparently she falls down a lot, too.

Looks like: 27,000 Dresses

Verdict: If Fisher is half as funny here as she was in Wedding Crashers, Shopaholic will definitely be a smart purchase.

More sneak peeks — Soul Men and Nothing Like the Holidays — after the jump!

Soul Men
November 7

Plot: An estranged soul singing duo (Mac and Jackson) take a road trip to NYC’s Apollo Theater for a reunion show.

Looks like: The Banger Brothers

Verdict: Even though the roadtrip buddycom genre has plenty of mileage, Soul Men might just go the distance with pros like Mac and Jackson at the wheel.

Nothing Like the Holidays
November 21

Plot: The members of a Puerto Rican family (including JohnLeguizamo, Alfred Molina, and Debra Messing) come together for aturbulent Christmas.

Looks like: La Familia Stone

Verdict: Everyone loves unwrapping a good family dramedy for the holidays, but Nothing looks like it might be regifting old material.

Your turn, PopWatchers. Do you buy Isla Fisher as a Shopaholic? Does Soul Men hit all the right notes? And does Nothing Like the Holidays look like a Christmas feast or just a turkey?