I love trailers. Honestly, I do. When they’re good, they’re perfectly honed mini-masterworks. (My favorite of the last few years was the spot for Little Children, which plays like a tense gem of a short film.) If my keister isn’t planted in a movie-theater seat in time for the trailers, I am not a happy boy. But recently, some unfortunate tics have crept into trailer design and the new spot for Quantum of Solace bears my least favorite: the strobe-dissolve. It’s when the image all but throbs at you, giving mere snatches of a scene before quickly fading to black. In theory, it’s supposed to imply a sense of rhythmic urgency. Instead, it doesn’t give me anything to sink my teeth into, and thus leaves me a little disoriented. (“Wait, what am I looking at? Oh, there it goes…”)

But then, Daniel Craig falls out of a window, through a skylight, and into a scaffolding, and all is right with the world.

When I heard Finding Neverland‘s Marc Forster was directing Quantum, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t get the explodo I so rightfully expect from a Bond flick. Judging from this spot, though, I think I can put those fears to rest. But what about you—does this seem likely to make good on the promise of Casino Royale, or is it a lot of sound and stiff-upper-lipped fury signifying nothing?