By Mandi Bierly
Updated September 10, 2008 at 04:30 PM EDT

I watch a fair amount of older TV shows on DVD, partly because I tend to review them for EW, and partly because I love being surprised by guest stars or recognizable names in the credits. Currently, I’m watching Cybill: The Collector’s Edition Volume I (in stores Sept. 16), and while I somehow managed to forget that Peter Krause (pictured, left) had a recurring role as Kevin, the stiff husband of Cybill Shepherd’s Sheridan’s older daughter, Rachel (Dedee Pfeifer), I was smart enough to spot the names Alan Ball (pictured, inset, supervising producer/co-executive producer) and Michael Patrick King (co-executive producer) in the credits of a few of the set’s 13 episodes. Alan Ball, you’ll recall, went on to create HBO’s Six Feet Under, which starred Krause. Michael Patrick King became an executive producer on that little HBO show called Sex and the City.

What are the best finds you’ve made watching older TV shows — either on DVD or TV? I still smile everytime I see the name Tom Whedon (Joss’ dad) on a Golden Girls episode.

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