Russell Brand was certainly outspoken during Sunday’s VMAs, but before he even hit the stage, another polarizing force — The Hills‘ flagrant fameosexuals Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag — hit the red carpet, and I was one of the lucky reporters who got to chat with them. Lucky, of course, being a relative term — as the weekly Hills‘ TV Watch writer here on, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to meet the couple I (and plenty of you) enjoy bashing on a weekly basis!

Our exchange pretty much speaks for itself in terms of who wears the pants in the relationship (Spencer), and who talks only when allowed to (Heidi):

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Who are you guys excited to see tonight?
SPENCER: Well, Heidi just had a bump-in with Rihanna. Rihanna was very sweet, so we’re now huge fans.
EW: Was she a fan?
HEIDI: [Barely moving lips.] She was so nice!
S: She called Heidi gorgeous. So Heidi’s very excited.
EW: [Ignoring blatant attempt to get me to confirm theory of Heidi’s beauty.] What do you think about all of the hype surrounding Britney?
S: The girl is brilliant.
EW: Why do you say that?
S: Because that’s all anyone talks about.
EW: Do you take your cues from her?
S: [Laughs ominiously.] No. I still have all of my hair and I’m sober today.
EW: And your full beard makes you a better person, how? Last year, Kanye said he was never going to perform again at the VMAs…
S: And here he is.
EW: What do you think about that?
S: I’m not going to player-hate, man.
Heidi: I think good for him for coming back.
S: They probably gave him some incentives, you know.
EW: You think so? Is that the way the business works?
S: That’s how it would work if I was Kanye.

And there you have it, Popwatchers, an exclusive look at a one-on-one conversation with the most hated (and probably proud of it) couple on television. If you guys got the chance to interview Spencer and Heidi, what would you ask?

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