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With the forthcoming election on everyone’s mind, it’s nearly impossible these days to escape from politics, so why even try? Now is a good time for a Must List of our favorite election-themed pop cultural staples. Me, I’m ready to go back and watch The Contender, the excellent 2000 political drama in which Joan Allen (pictured) plays a vice presidential nominee who clams up on questions when her bid to become America’s first female veep stalls over sexual skeletons in her closet and her views on abortion. Sound familiar? Even if it weren’t suddenly relevant again, I’d revisit the movie just to watch the crafty, eccentric president (Jeff Bridges) intimidate a newbie congressman (Christian Slater) by ordering up a shark sandwich from the White House kitchen.

Your turn: Which election-themed movies, TV shows, music, books, websites, or games are on your Must List? Vote early and vote often; pick up to three. This is not a secret ballot; please include your e-mail address, in case we elect to use your suggestion in the magazine. Deadline is Thursday, September 11, at 10 a.m. ET.

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