While on the scene at Sunday’s much talked about VMA Awards, caught up with self-described “weirdo” and Emmy nominee (for his Cartoon Network hit Robot Chicken) Seth Green to inquire about what he may or may not be up to in the near future. Here’s what he dished:

  • HEROES: It’s true, Green and pal Breckin Meyer have joined the cast of the NBC drama, so naturally we begged the actor to give us some hints to their upcoming arc, and in typical Heroes fashion, he was 100 percent vague. “They have a first page that says, like, ‘Keep our secrets,’ ” Green says. Still, we did get this out of him: “We’re starting on set Monday. That’s what this whole beard is for.” Facial hair aside, Green admits he would’ve done anything for the gig: “I’m a really big fan of the show,” he says, “and I kind of begged for a long time to see if there was anything I could do.”
  • ”ROBOT CHICKEN”: Green is also keeping mum on who you can expect to see on future episodes of the animated series, but he did report there will be a little something for fans of Darth Vader: “We’re working on a second Star Wars special, it’s going to come out in November. Carrie Fisher’s in it.”
  • A SEQUEL TO ”THE ITALIAN JOB?” Green wants to clear up one important detail about the supposed follow up to the 2003 crime thriller (tentatively titled, The Brazilian Job): it ain’t happening. “That’s been listed as ‘In Production’ for over four years, and maybe you’ll print this and someone will actually stop saying that!” he says. “There are a couple of scripts that have been written, but in the last six years since we made the movie, Paramount’s hierarchy has changed hands four times and it’s never seemed to be a priority for the studio to make the movie.” With the success of the film’s cast (Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron have been nominated for Oscars, Mos Def for an Emmy, and Jason Statham hit big with his Transporter series), says Green, “You would think that they would make the movie. There’s enough of a fan outcry for it, but we just haven’t been able to get the studio to greenlight it.”