Joshua Jackson returns to TV tonight with the premiere of J.J. Abrams’ Fringe (Fox, 8 p.m. ET). Last month, I stole a few moments with Jackson at his photo shoot for EW’s Fall TV Preview issue — read Doc Jensen’s piece on the X-Files-esque drama here — and found out why he was drawn to the role of a man described as a “massive pain in the ass” in the pilot; what scene in a later episode sent him to the emergency room; and how much he reminds me of a mini-Clooney.* Watch the video below.

* Charming things you won’t see him do in the video, because our camera wasn’t rolling:

1) Model the pair of purple satin shoes that a delusional stylist brought to the shoot for him to consider wearing.

2) Tell his publicist that he didn’t know what kind of caffeine there was left to put in his body, so yes, it was time to move on to beer for his next photo shoot (his fourth and final of that Sunday).

3) Sit down on a couch beside me after I patted the seat. Reluctantly share that he was exhausted from an 80-hour work week and that he had a 7 a.m. call time the next morning. Check the messages on his cell phone, shout F—! repeatedly, andexplain that his call time had just been moved up an hour.

4) Walk across the room to say goodbye to our four-person video crew and shake our hands again before he left.

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