Maybe it’s because the feature I wrote on them earlier this summer brainwashed me, but I can’t get enough of Sugarland these days, PopWatchers– and if the strong sales for Love on the Inside are any indication, you can’t, either. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have been traversing the country and blanketing the airwaves in support of the new music — they do their own stunts (see above); did you catch them in their Flaming Lips-style hamster balls on last night’s CMA Fest special? — and they’ve got a steamy new video out for “Already Gone” (embedded after the jump) that’s so drenched in fall colors it’ll make you sweat AND put on a sweater. Plus, they played the L.A. County Fair last Saturday, where we got a little preview of what the fall tour is gonna sound like — get ready to talk about the gorgeous “Nightswimming” into “Joey” transition

Anyway, because of the brainwashing, I was not at all surprised to wake up this morning and find them on my city’s spazziest AM chat show, Good Day L.A., where they kept up just fine with the lunatics who host that thing, plus did a little web extra on the side where they confessed to a secret dream: hosting a talk show of their own. OMG. PopWatchers.


You know I’m right. That show uses celebrity guest hosts all the time (Neil Patrick Harris, my poor dear David Duchovny)– they’ve just never had two at once. But I don’t see why this band couldn’t handle it: J.Net and K.Bush have the chemistry, they’ve got the people skills, they’re easy on the eyes, and they could take us into commercial breaks with a song. Where’s the downside here? So help me in the comments, folks: We the undersigned demand that ABC give the Country Music Association’s reigning Duo of the Year a shot! Shout it out if you believe! Raise your voices as one! We shall prevail!

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