I love Rihanna. I love her fashion sense. I even loved the loony ensemble she wore for her “Disturbia” performance at last night’s VMAs and I don’t really understand all the criticism she’s getting for it. It’s not like she wore this outfit to accept the Nobel Prize; she wore it during a performance at an awards show where spectacle is everything. And it was a themed performance. She was supposed to be scary! The song ain’t called “Adorablia.” She looked like a sweet girl who, clearly from the tattered ballerina-esque train in the back, was attacked by the people of Disturbia. Or was she their queen? Oh well. It’s okay, Rihanna. I understood what you were trying to go for. And that’s really all that matters.

At least you didn’t decide to show up channeling Linda Hogan as Christina Aguilera seemingly did.

addCredit(“Rihanna: Dave Hogan/Getty Images”)