Remember me telling you how Chuck‘s casting gods were firing on all cylinders this season? Well, guess what? They’re still on a roll!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Gary Cole, last seen as Dana Delany’s creepazoid ex on Desperate Housewives, has been cast as the charming con-man father of Yvonne Strahovski’s Sarah. Daddy Grifter is slated to pay a visit during November sweeps.

Speaking of Chuck, I screened this season’s first two episodes over the weekend, and I have but one thing to say: Believe the hype. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so thoroughly entertained by two hours of television (the raw footage from last week’s Ausiello TV notwithstanding).

If you’ve got specific questions about the first two Chucks, e-mail me at and I’ll see about getting them answered in time for this week’s Ask Ausiello. Oh, and the must-see season premiere of Chuck is set for Monday, Sept. 29.