I’ve only spent three days at the Toronto Film Festival, and my voice is already starting to croak itself away, PopWatchers. But that won’t stop me from taking on my second Toronto vlog (Two! Two vlogs at Toronto! Ah-ah-ah!) — which is also simply my second vlog, like ever, so if you happen to notice any technological ineptitude on my part, well, I promise I’m a fast learner. So click below for more on Greg Kinnear’s windshield wipers, what Peter O’Toole film got me all misty, and why I was singing humming show tunes on the Toronto subway.(For the record, after I recorded this, Missy Schwartz told me that those Religulous protesters were actually standing outside of the Nick and Norah premiere waiting for Bill Maher’s film to debut in the same theater. Which does make so much more sense.)