Even during short work weeks, pop culture just keeps happening around us. Crawling back to work from our beach blankets and grills was reeeeally hard, but falling once again into the arms of Gossip Girl among our other entertainment friends felt so, so good. As you embark on this poor excuse for a normal-size weekend, take with you our weekly countdown of PopWatch’s ten-most commented on posts and we’ll see you — gasp! — Monday.

10. We joined Michael Slezak in singing Beyoncé a PopWatch-approved version of ”Happy B-Day.”
9. Our summer of pop culture taught us not to have sex with vampires.
8. Hollywood, or actually Alisa Cohen, contracted PopWatchers to come up with the next big sequel that won’t suck: Zoolander-er, anyone?
7. Everyone brainstormed who David Letterman’s successor should be.
6. Mandi Bierly made us question our manhood.
5. We all wondered if Tupac Shakur is overrated.
4. Anthony Edwards was resurrected. (Probably by John Stamos.)
3. We sat down and had a sex talk with Gary Susman over 90210‘s opening oral scene.
2. Marc Bernardin stuck it to the man and exposed Kevin Smith’s banned movie poster for Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
1. You answered Adrienne Day’s burning question of whether you like to watch your movies in theaters that are empty or full.

Oh, and don’t forget to say your pop culture prayers for Ms. Spears this weekend as she embarks on another VMA performance. Or not performance. Or Justin Timberlake reunion. Or whatever…