Robinson Crusoe's leafy home -- We take a look at the tree-top pad from ''Crusoe''

It took a crew six weeks to build Crusoe’s tricked-out jungle fortress. Below, a guided tour.

The Fruit Juicer
This contraption, made out of wood and bamboo, not only keeps the castaway refreshed (”You lift the arm on the right and put oranges or whatever in the pots,” instructs production designer Jonathan Lee. ”Then it squeezes all the fruit at the same time”), it also doubles as a weapon — Crusoe can detach the bottom portion and use it as a catapult to fire objects at intruders.

The Workshop
Crusoe uses this space — which also serves as a kitchen — to build devices and gadgets, using makeshift tools powered by a wind turbine above the roof. The elevator control station — yes, we said elevator — runs on a pulley also driven by the wind.

The Bedroom
Crusoe’s ”chill-out deck,” as Lee calls it, is flanked by many items that were salvaged from his shipwreck, including lanterns, rigging, and canvas sails. A bench crafted from tree branches serves as a place for Crusoe and Friday to chat and draw maps.