We rate pop culture for the week of September 1, 2008 including Michael Phelps, Rachel Maddow, the older gals of ''90210,'' and more

· You go, grandmas! Jessica Walter and Linda Gray steal the new 90210 right out from under their younger, skinnier costars
· MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Finally, a talking head who actually thinks — without shouting at us

Near Misses
· Katy Perry says Scarlett Johansson’s lips inspired ”I Kissed a Girl.” Try not to look surprised.
· Deal or No Deal: If someone wins $1 million and no one cares, did they actually win it?
· Presenting at the VMAs, hosting SNL, appearing on EntourageMichael Phelps, you’re dangerously close to overexposure

· Suede, the Project Runway wackadoodle.
· Just when we erased Rainn Wilson’s chest from our memory, here come the ads for CBS’ Worst Week.