Leave it to to compile The 100 Gayest, Greatest Albums (of All Time), or “the seminal, flamboyant, trailblazing, gender-bending, campy,theatrical, audacious, unforgettable albums that changed our lives.” The Out editors polled actors, comedians, musicians, critics, DJs for their picks, but judging from that list, they could’ve forgone all that work and just posted a photo of my iPod instead. I’m pretty sure it could rank as one of the gayest iPods in all the land. I got a chuckle out of their choice for #100, the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (pictured), for which manager Brian Epstein’s gay sensibility helped fine-tune the soaring melodies — and (I know this is a stretch) was maybe a teensy bit responsible for those suits. Thank you, good sir, for both gifts. To be clear, Out‘s list encompasses music by both gay artists and straight ones who happened to put out reeeeeeeeally gay masterpieces. Speaking of which…to cap off the week, we should come up with The Gayest, Greatest Live Performances (of All Time). Here, I’ll get this PopWatch Dance Party started…

Any other nominations? I’d like these to consume the rest of my afternoon (otherwise, I’ll spend the next three hours letting Ladytron’s 604 convince me I’m bi-curious), so be a pal. Did I mention you look fabulous today, as usual? Cheers queers.