I just found out that EW is having a Battle of the Bureau Bands on Sept. 10. As I type this, employees of the NY office are staging their second Rock Band rehearal (in Tim Stack’s humble abode, pictured). The battle is the brainchild of LA-based senior writer and Rock Band/Guitar Hero expert Shirley Halperin, who tells me that the West Coast band, Labur, has been practicing for two months. S—!

I’m not in the NY band, still unnamed, but I do want the East Coast to represent. So if you’ve got tips for how to score high on Rock Band, post ’em below. If you’ve done Rock Band battle before, share your tales of inspiration (or defeat). Our format: Each bureau will choose one song from Rock Band that both groups will perform. A third track will be randomly selected from Rock Band 2.

Note: We are planning on posting a highlight reel of the battle on PopWatch, so your efforts should be rewarded…