All of my champagne wishes and seafood lollipop* dreams came true yesterday when I schlepped out to JFK International Airport to meet the cast of one of my favorite shows, HBO’s Entourage (whose new season kicks off on Sunday, Sept. 7), and who, along with Virgin America and flamboyant Chairman Sir Richard Branson (pictured, middle), launched the inaugural New York to Las Vegas flight of Entourage Air.

Well, actually, I didn’t so much meet the cast as I was sequestered behind a velvet rope several feet away and allowed to ask one measly question after waiting for two hours. But staring into Adrian Grenier (pictured, left)’s baby blues in person was more than worth the delay (and I promise I’m not the only female journalist who thought so). The real star of the show, surprisingly, was the effervescent Branson, who managed to outshine the entire cast (which was sans Jeremy Piven) and dominate the mic, nimbly fielding press questions like, “What’s your favorite thing to do in-flight?” Answer? “Well, there’s the mile high club, which is free. Virgin is not the kind of airline that bangs on doors.” (I should add that there was no hint of jest in his voice. Take note.)

My most random run-in, though, was with former America’s Next Top Model contestant Marvita Washington (pictured, right), who was one of several mini-dress-bedecked models prowling around the hangar handing out hors d’oeuvres. The cycle 10 model told me she recently booked an agent and moved to New York to pursue a modeling career. We also talked about Wednesday night’s cycle 11 premiere and her favorites so far. “Isis is really cool. I really like Elaine (sic). She’s so cool to me, and she reminds me of Claire a little bit. And also, a new girl, Joslyn.” And then, all of the sudden, the 5’11” stunner was whisked away by her agent. Such is the fashionable high life, I suppose.

*Seriously, they served seafood lollipops. I wasn’t brave enough to try them, but fellow party goer and Virgin employee Courtney said they were very tasty. Sadly, she couldn’t give such high marks to the sweet corn shooters with avocado: “I feel like I have half a Cobb salad in my mouth.”

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