Big Brother spoke to Big Brother 10 evictee Renny Martyn, the 53-year-old beauty salon owner from New Orleans, about everything from her classy exit to her eccentric wardrobe (but sadly, we couldn’t talk to her about Gustav, because for some screwy reason CBS thinks she doesn’t need to know about another hurricane back home).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I am crestfallen that you’re out of the house.

RENNY MARTYN: Not as much as I am.

You were priceless on your way out. You’re the only houseguest so far to take the time to shake everybody’s hand.

They looked like a bunch of Christmas trees all lit up when I saw them. It was amazing. I never experienced anything like that.

Why the hell did Jerry say you did “wonders for the food” in that exit video?

Jerry is a horse’s ass. Come on. He is! Jerry and I never really got along. He’s so boring. Honey, the only thing an old man can do for me is to bring a message from a younger man. He wasn’t my kind of person.

How did he treat the women in the house?

At first, he thought he struck gold with the young women who were sitting on his lap, but they were just using him because he was HOH. He was getting a little frisky but it didn’t last long. To me he was a dirty old man. He didn’t really [give me a hard time], but if he did I probably would be out of the house. He did point his finger in people’s faces all the time but he couldn’t do that to me.

NEXT: Renny’s outfits, her love of candy bars, and her take on April…

On the website, CBS says you are a beauty shop owner, but in the house, you said you were retired. Why?

I didn’t want them to know I owned a business. It was just for game’s sake.

It was a welcome change to see two mature players like yourselfand Jerry in the house. But seriously…how did you manage to hang inthere with those young idiots? Did you want to blow your head off?

The reason I got this far was that I got in the mix with the youngerpeople — unlike Jerry, who everyone was trying to get away from. Evenme. When he’d come out, I’d go in.

Was anyone ageist in any way to you?

Many times people couldn’t believe my age. I think that’s whathelped me in the game. They really don’t know me. I can party with thebest of them.

So how many outfits did you bring to the house?

I only brought one boa but I brought eight sequin caps. I had quitea wardrobe, and a lot of accessories — but they are priceless to mebecause I bought them over time.

Do you really eat candy bars in your sleep?

I ate a lot of candy in that house. Actually I like piece of candyat night. I was awake (when she ate that Almond Joy in bed). The othersthought I was sleepwalking. I was just choking their chain. I wasawake, listening to their conversation.

You did spar a lot with Dan. What did you really think of him?

He’s sneaky but I like Dan. Sometimes I didn’t. He said somethingderogatory about my loving my son more than my daughter and I spankedhis behind real hard. My hand hurt bad. Dan is infatuated with olderwomen. I don’t think he should get married soon. He needs to sow hiswild oats.

What did you mean when you said to Julie that Dan ends up in your bed?

He was always in my bed talking. He asked to sleep with me once and I told him to get out of here, boy!

Once and for all, if it’s 8:40 a.m. here in Los Angeles, what time is it in New Orleans?

It would be six hours behind. So it would be 10:40 a.m. there.

Early in the season, we saw Jessie have a meltdown because of your late night squealing. Talk about that fight with him.

He was a goofball. He was very immature, obviously. It wasn’tanything. The light was totally out and there were suitcases on thefloor. I couldn’t see. I’m older. I didn’t want to break a leg but Itripped over a suitcase. I screamed. He said I woke him up. Iapologized in the bathroom but he made such a big deal out of it.That’s why I can’t stand the colonel [the house’s nickname for Jerry].He never let me explain what happened. But he let the young guy explain.

Who’s the person you are least looking forward to seeing in the jury house?

April. I don’t like her. She’s an OCD freak. She’s not very nice.She was always throwing my leftovers away. I like leftovers. She’d saynobody would eat them. She has problems.

Do you have any old business to take care of when you see Libra, April, Michelle and Ollie?

Nope. I’m not going to get into any. They all lie. I don’t believeanything anymore. It doesn’t matter what they said. I’ll pull up, say”here’s another loser,” so they can all have a laugh.

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