Movie sequels are often the cinematic equivalent of New Coke. But Jeff Labrecque’s recent gallery, “25 Movie Sequels We’d Line Up to See,” got me thinking about other never-been-made part deuxs with real potential. While some might argue that Shaun of the Dead had the perfect little wrap-up, I’d love to see Edgar Wright toy with the conventions of a horror sequel. Surely the undead wouldn’t stand for an unlifetime of appearances on game shows–sounds like hell on earth to me. And how has the friendship between Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) survived when Ed himself didn’t? The buds have got to have issues. (Talk of a follow-up to the “rom zom com,” jokingly titled From Dusk Till Shaun, bubbled up online, but Wright and Pegg have said it’s never gonna happen. Fans of their work can, however, console themselves with this.)

Now it’s your turn to play producer: If you ran Hollywood, what movie sequel would you greenlight, and what kind of plot would it have? Give it your best shot–your response could appear on the Feedback page in the next issue of Entertainment Weekly.