Sure, choosing the next leader of the free world is important. But choosing your next trip to the multiplex? Now that’s a decision that deserves some thought. Take a look at this crop of candidates, then let us know who you’ll vote for when the time comes.

November 26

Plot: The true story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn), who became the first openly gay public official in 1977 when he was elected to San Francisco’s board of city supervisors.

Looks like: Mr. Smith Goes to San Francisco

Verdict: The season’s first wow-inducing trailer boasts a powerhouse performance by Penn that could make Milk an award-show staple. One complaint: Where’s the steamy Franco-Penn canoodling we’ve heard so much about?

September 19

Plot: After dying for seven minutes, a curmudgeon (Ricky Gervais) develops the ability to see ghosts.

Looks like: The Sixth Sense, rewritten by James L. Brooks.

Verdict: An old set-up (remember Heart and Souls? How about The Frighteners?)meets a new comic talent in Gervais, who seems to be in top form forhis first starring role. Also, welcome back Téa Leoni! We missed you.

October 24

Plot: A grief counselor (Anne Hathaway) discovers that a plane crash survivor (Patrick Wilson) may have psychic abilities.

Looks like: A thriller in search of a plot.

Verdict: Hathaway and Wilson are no lightweights, but it’ll take some major dramatic muscle to ground a story this hokey.

Your turn, PopWatchers: Will Passengers drive you to the multiplex? Does the Milk trailer do a body good? And will Ghost Town make a killing at the box office?