Here at PopWatch, we like to fondly think on the geeky pop culture possessions we prize above all else. So to mix things up a bit, I thought I’d talk about the keepsakes I don’t want — namely, an item currently in the news cycle: Bob Dylan’s spittle-covered harmonica. For a mere $25,000, you can be the proud owner of one of a set of seven Marine Band harmonicas that were personally played by the iconic folk musician. Meaning he spat in them. I guess possessing the instrument that might’ve produced the mellifluous strains of “Tangled Up in Blue” is…cool? But you know what’s cooler, and way more hygienic? Owning the actual music!

Also making my “Will Not Purchase” list are the following eBay items:

* CHRIS FARLEY‘s Bobbie Jones polo style golf shirt and a pair of Rochester men’s linen pants, which still feature Farley’s name on the attached laundry tag. Proceeds to benefit the Chris Farley foundation for substance abuse prevention. Yes, a good cause, but still kind of creepy. Can’t we just cut them a check? Current bid: $99.00

*AUTHENTIC KIANA TOM FITNESS SOCKS worn on Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN2. The seller has a 100% eBay approval rating. Not much else going for these socks, unless you’re excited by the fact that they “were worn many times on television and are the thick fitness socks that scrunch down on the lower calf.” Gross! And, totally the kind of socks I used to wear when getting humiliated in high-school gym class for refusing to jump over the hurdle. Thanks for the memories, Kiana! Current bid: $9.95

* SHOPPING ADVICE FROM CARSON KRESSLEY Again a good cause — proceeds go to Stand Up to Cancer — but this only buys you Carson’s fabulous advice, not the actual goods. And I’m not sure how fabulous he could make me with my Forever 21 budget. Current bid: $753.21

*INDEPENDENCE DAY MOVIE BUTTON Wow, a button promoting a movie that came out 12 years ago. Though it might nicely complement my “ET phone home” and “I Like Ike” buttons. Current bid: $0.99

How about you? Is there pop culture memorabilia your friends are gaga over that you just don’t get?

addCredit(“Bob Dylan: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images”)

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