On tonight’s season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay will revisit the decrepit California bistro he attempted to revamp in season 1’s finale. If you’ll remember, the Secret Garden was less “garden” than “playground for maggots,” and its secret was that every night, the millions of paper doilies around the dining room got together to perform a low-rent, snowflake-y version of “Be Our Guest.” (You wish, Barrett!) I do wish. Press play below to watch “Secret Garden” and rev up for tonight’s Chef Ramsay vs. French Michel rematch.

Hulu, which is partnering with in advance of EW’s Fall TV preview issue, currently hosts all 10 episodes from Kitchen Nightmares‘ inaugural U.S. season. I personally prefer the less slick BBC version of KN, but who doesn’t? Let’s be thankful for what we’ve got, mates: more verbal lashing over open flames, starting tonight on Fox. Cheers.