I’m getting too old for this. Every night with the same show. Oy. But how could I resist finding out the “critical results” from the night before? And besides, Sharon had vowed “no more Mrs. Nice Woman,” so this had to get good. First off, Bruce Block was out, and didn’t even show up to accept his rejection. But Johnathan Burkin, Sarah Lenore, Joseph Hall, the Taubl family and Sickstep all made it through to the final 20. And with that out of the way, it was time to settle in for another riveting episode of America’s Got Talent.

For the Dallas Desperados Dancers, I’m wondering…who would pay to see a cheerleading act? Apparently, the audience, who unanimously booed when Piers and Sharon gave them harsh critiques. But I stopped believing the audience a long time ago. I’m pretty sure they’re just bored and want to hear the sound of their own jeers. I feel like this episode was a turning point in the season, where Sharon and Piers started making sense. When they told Brian Cheatham he was more cruise ship than Vegas, they were absolutely right. When they called Flambeaux’s tap-dancing-beatboxing-firebreathing-hobo show set to “Gangsta’s Paradise” “whacked,” they were right again. Oh, but then again, they did say 4-year-old Kaitlyn Maher exhibited professionalism. I mean, she’s cute, but professional? I’m not sure that’s possible. (Judge for yourself in the embedded clip below.)

After the jump: Sharon attacks, and so do the clichés…

Of all the impersonators we’ve had, I think Dorae Saunders has to bethe best. She had the Tina belt down last night, even though I’m notsure I would’ve chosen “Disco Inferno.” But the thought of her held meover through Donald Braswell, who sang quite possibly the most clichédsong a talent contest contestant could sing: “The ImpossibleDream.” Not that he wasn’t good, but we get it, you’re reaching foryour dream. Get in line, so is everyone else here.

Then Tapping Dads came on to “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” Did anyone else butme wish it were Gene Wilder and Frankenstein instead? But if their performancecaused Sharon to beat up Piers, I guess I can’t judge too harshly fortheir lack of a Frankenstein monster.

Here’s the problem with all of the acts. I can’t imagine one I couldwatch for an hour and a half. Maybe, if the judges let any of thesingers perform original material, I could see them as fairlysuccessful pop artists — but no matter how good all of them are(including Nuttin’ But Strings, who were amazing — press play below to watch their performance) none of them seemable to match Penn & Teller or Sigfreid & Roy or anyone else Ithink of when I think of Vegas. But maybe it’s just the lack ofampersands.

So who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s getting tired of four hours of this showa week? And considering the altercation between Sharon and Piers lastnight, how long before an all-out brawl?

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