Credit: ©Pixar/Disney

You may have missed our highly educational photo gallery of 25 Things Pop Culture Taught Us This Summer. But does it really matter what we think? (Yes!) We’re wondering what you learned from the past few months’ movies, TV, books, “the Web,”* etc. The Wall-E one we used said “Cockroaches really will outlast mankind (Wall-E), but that’s gross so I’ll go with this one: “It’s possible to find true love despite knowing only two words (Wall-E).” Much cuter, and perfect for The Lazy.

Okay, P-Funks: What did you learn in the great lecture hall of entertainment this summer? “I fell asleep” is, of course, acceptable.

*Not sure why I put “the Web” in quotes up there. Lately, I’ve been struggling against a crazy compulsion to come up with a different way of referring to the Internet. But I have no idea why. It’s a struggle I’m learning to live with. What kind of lesson is that? Whoa.