There’s still plenty of life left in Coldplay’s now platinum fourth album, Viva La Vida, but the band is already planning ahead. In an Aug. 30 interview with the BBC, singer Chris Martin revealed the group would release an EP called Prospects March on Dec. 26 — and another full album in December 2009. Is he for real? Well, back in April, drummer Will Champion told EW that there was “potentially another album left over” from the band’s recording sessions with producer Brian Eno. Bassist Guy Berryman added, “It’s not disposable B sides. It’s songs that didn’t quite fit this record. We’re still very keen for people to hear them.” The two releases will finish off the decade, Martin told the BBC. As for what happens after? “We’re gonna be, Whooosh! Where’ve they gone?” he said,just like [The Usual Suspects’] Keyser Soze.”

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