Raise your hand if you’ve got a nagging suspicion there’s at least one good series on television of which you’re completely and totally ignorant. Hey, looks like we’ve got 100% participation up in here!Well lucky for you, — which is partnering this week with in advance of its spectacular-spectacular Fall TV Preview issue — can help. For example, it’s streaming all 11 season 1 episodes of NBC’s soon-to-return sophomore series Life, including the one embedded below, which apparently features a pretty white pony! Because it’s impossible for me to resist anything horse-related, and because I hear the drama about a cop (Damian Lewis) back on the beat after (wrongly) spending 12 years in jail is pretty darn engaging, I’m gonna press play instead of finishing an overdue assignment on my lunch break. Any Life fans out there looking forward to its Sept. 29 return to the airwaves? Holla!