You know you love her: Gossip Girl hit new ratings highs among its target audience — young women, duh — and scored its second-best numbers ever in total viewers (behind its hyped first-season premiere), with 3.4 million watching its Labor Day sophomore-season premiere. That sound you hear is CW execs breathing a sigh of relief for their struggling network’s buzzy savior series. (Or is it parents gasping at the steamy sex between Nate and his married cougar? Whatevs.) The holiday might have put a bit of a damper on the so-so launch of Fox’s Prison Break, though, with only 6.2 million viewers tuning in; NBC won over a fair number by teasing (spoiling?) the first player to win it all on Deal or No Deal — 12.6 million tuned in for the second half hour’s big victory.The CW’s One Tree Hill, meanwhile, remained an old-reliable by holding most of Girl‘s lead-in audience with 3.2 million, giving The CW its best Monday night ever. Don’t blow it tonight, 90210!