If you missed EW’s new cover story Q&A with 90210 2.0 stars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty, do check it out. Short version: They get along now because they’ve grown up. Really! Shannen even voted for Jennie on Dancing With the Stars! Unless “I voted for you” is secret code for “I laughed maniacally as you fell during the quickstep.” Enjoy…

Hey, if engaging in a sexy-pose-in-front-of-a-chalkboard competition can’t bring two notorious (but not so noTORIous!) on-set enemies together, then really, what could? Oh, right, the chance to get back on TV. Now go meet the 10 new faces on tonight’s 90210, while trying not to let Steve Sanders replace an Actual Olympian as the most prominent beach volleyball stud in your imagination. This will not be hard.