Janeane Garofalo used to have a bit in her standup routine where she’d say, “Here’s every movie trailer ever made…” then, in a booming voice, “In a world…” It was funny because every trailer not only seems to begin with that voiceover phrase, but they all seemed to share the same deep voice. That voice belonged to Don LaFontaine, who died yesterday at 68. He made over 5,000 movie trailers, as well as hundreds of TV announcer spots and commercials — like one for Geico, below — and his authoritative rumble became so familiar that it became grist for parody, not just from comedians, but from himself as well. Cinematical has one of those, along with a nice tribute video. My favorite is the one he did for Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary Comedian, which touches on all the ways LaFontaine used to make us excited about going to the movies.