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We members of the LolliPopWatch Guild wish to celebrate Meinhardt Raabe, famous munchkin coroner and author of Memories of a Munchkin: An Illustrated Walk Down Yellow Brick Road, who turns 93 today. Those with no inner child and/or a lot of work to get done: You can jump ahead to Raabe’s shining moment at 3:42 in the below video. But are you sure you belong here? We’ll have to ask Mayor Slezak of PopWatchland if you’re allowed to stay. (Annie, the Wicked Hungry Witch of the Eat, says it’s okay, since we’re surrounded by candy and she’s distracted.)

Raabe’s a brave one. If I had to do photo ops like these on a semi-regular basis, let’s just say the constant reminder of impending doom would have killed me already.

Nominations for offices of the esteemed LolliPopWatch Guild will be considered, below.