So you might recall that I’ve been listening to Journey recently. But I didn’t tell you that I’ve been using a CD Walkman. Or, that I dropped said Walkman on the bus the other morning, which was horrifying on multiple levels. (Level 1) I try to keep the fact that I still use a Walkman on the DL, and any kind of crashing sound makes that difficult. (Level 2) Upon impact, the CD propelled itself under the seat in front of me, and a nice gentleman offered to retrieve it for me. It landed face down, which meant I had a choice: do I take the joke away from him and preemptively announce that it’s a Journey CD (my first thought), or do I pray that he doesn’t flip it over as he’s handing it back to me? Remembering how the preemptive policy backfired that time that my dad walked into the living room right as My Own Private Idaho hit a sex scene and I chose to call his attention to how artfully it was shot, I opted for silence. And I was rewarded: he didn’t flip.

Do you have any tales of pop-cultural mortification on public transportation? Any genre welcome. Maybe you’ve hidden a book cover. Or maybe, like me, you typically take a portable DVD player on trains and planes and have felt the need to fast-forward through a love scene (or even just a kiss). Totally normal or slightly insane?

addCredit(“Journey: Paul Natkin/WireImage”)