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Here’s the latest report on the Democratic National Convention from our guest blogger, TV writer-producer Daniel Palladino. For more Denver dispatches from Dan and Amy Sherman-Palladino, click here.

It was hot. At one point, the line to get through security stretched for over a mile. And let me say this about the food: the so-called “cheese” they pour on nachos? It should be classified a weapon of mass destruction! (Note to editors: Does the exclamation point make the cheese WMD joke funny? No? Okay. I’m tired, but I’ll try to come up with something else.)

Oprah was there. And Hayden. And Alan. ( editors: You really think it’s necessary that I add the man’s last name for clarity? Fine. Alan CUMMING. Good grief, what other Alan is there?)

The bottom line…There was nothing much funny about Invesco Field on Thursday. A black man is now the nominee for President of a major American political party. We witnessed history. Afterward, we skipped the shuttle bus and walked with thousands of people back to downtown Denver. The people we met along the way home, the unlucky ones who didn’t attend, saw our souvenir signs and asked us how it was. Our answer: incredible.

And with that, I will leave with one last joke…Congress!!! ( editors: I know, I know, but it’s all I got. Take it or leave it.)

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