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Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke confirms to that she’s currently overseeing reshoots on her adaptation of Stephenie Meyer‘s book (now opening Nov. 21). “It’s pretty cool,” Hardwicke e-mails from Pasadena, Calif., where she’s filming the new material. “We got to shoot some things I really

wanted.” While reshoots often hint that there may be a problem with a movie, that doesn’t appear to be the case with Twilight, whose initial 44-day Oregon production faced multiple weather-related difficulties.

Thus, a few key aspects of the production are getting further attention. One redone scene shows Edward (Robert Pattinson) playing Bella’s lullaby. During the movie’s initial shoot, Pattinson performed the scene while improvising with his own music; now he’s playing the actual song, which has been written by veteran film composer Carter Burwell (best known for working with the Coen brothers). “[Pattinson] is a great pianist, long vampire fingers,” Hardwicke says. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, Hardwicke also reshot the bedroom kissing scene on Thursday. The first time around, Kristen Stewart, the actress who plays Bella, was still 17, and between juggling three hours of school work per day plus numerous camera setups, the scene was never finished. Hardwicke also shot a few new scenes: more of Jacob, more on the Cullens’ backstory, and more footage in the meadow. Says the director, “It’s all just icing on the cake.”

UPDATE: Twilighters, never fear. We want to clear up one crucial fact: Rob Pattinson’s

music will in fact appear in Twilight. According to director Catherine Hardwicke, two of Pattinson’s songs that he wrote before Twilight started

filming are going to be featured in the movie. In fact, they recorded

them this month. And while Hardwicke wanted Pattinson to write Bella’s

Lullaby for the film, Hardwicke says Pattinson’s music is very

personal. “I don’t think he does it on request,” she writes in an

e-mail. “His two songs are pretty great.”

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