TV titles that tell it like it is -- With the recent onslaught of literal show monikers like ''The Cleaner'' and ''The Mentalist,'' we cook up some of our own obvious names

TV titles that tell it like it is

The subject of WE’s new reality series The Locator (premieres Sept. 6 at 9 p.m.)…locates people! With A&E’s The Cleaner (he gets addicts clean!) and CBS’ upcoming The Mentalist (he does…uh, mental stuff!), there’s clearly a market for overly dramatic and painfully literal show titles. May we pitch a few?

The Parker
Troubled limo driver Matt LeBlanc is recruited by the CIA because of his uncanny ability to find a convenient parking spot.

The Guesstimator
Given enough personal information, emotionally wounded actuary Annie Potts can come up with a ballpark figure as to when someone will probably die, excepting the possibility of a freak accident and so forth, and slightly affects the lives of nearly everyone she meets. In a professional capacity.

The Prescriptionist
Struggling nurse and foster mom JoBeth Williams makes ends meet by selling small quantities of Vicodin, Ambien, and extra-strength allergy medicine to responsible adults who convincingly claim to have misplaced their own prescription.

The Really Dull Stuff-Doing Guy
Ron Livingston mooches about.