By John Young
August 29, 2008 at 05:02 PM EDT

After seeing the new comedy Hamlet 2, something was bugging me. The film, which depicts a high-school drama teacher’s attempt to stage a controversial sequel to Shakespeare’s tragedy, culminates with an energetic number called “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”

The song, which Focus Features is already hyping for Oscar consideration, is amusing in its politically incorrect telling of a time-traveling Jesus Christ. It features lyrics such as “He’s the son of God and I think that’s cool. But he’s got a swimmer’s bod like nobody do.” All good and fun, except to my ears, the song’s chorus sounds disturbingly similar to the chorus for “Little Shop of Horrors,” the title song from the 1982 off-Broadway musical and subsequent 1986 movie.

A rep for Focus Features says “Sexy Jesus” is an original song, and we’re in no position to question that. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Do the songs’ choruses sound different enough from each other? Or are they too close for comfort? Listen to these embedded clips of both songs — fast-forward to the 52-second mark of “Sexy Jesus” and the 35-second mark for “Little Shop” — then weigh in on our message board below.