The Muppet Show
Credit: Everett Collection

You’ve heard about the all new Muppet movie script that Forgetting Sarah Marshall star (and Judd Apatow gang member) Jason Segel has been working on? Well, according to The Sun, there’s a chance that if the big-screen project is a commercial and critical success, it might spin off into an all new Muppet TV series. Squeeeeeee!

[Let’s all pause and catch our collective breath. If you need a moment, you can click here and read Whitney Pastorek’s fascinating profile of nudity-loving Segel from a few months back.]

Anyhow, this development got me so excited, I had no choice — no choice I tell you! — but to pen a song of anticipation/celebration, set to The Muppets Show theme song. (Click here if you need musical accompaniment to my little ditty.)

It’s time for Kermit’s closeup
And yes, Miss Piggy’s too
A total Muppets comeback, it cannot happen too soon

The perfect family program
A certain ratings bang
Cue Gonzo and Camilla but not Jason Segel’s wang

Who misses goofy Beaker
And Bunsen Honeydew?
Who’d do a double cartwheel
If the Muppets were all new?

Big networks get things started!
Make sure it’s Henson-hearted!
Why don’t you get things started?
On the most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational
This is what we call The Muppet Show!

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