'House Bunny' fashions -- Where to get the pink, bedazzled duds the girls wear in the Anna Faris movie

August 29, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

What does it take to channel a Playmate? A lot of skin, but not much dough — at least in The House Bunny, when a sorry sorority earns a Hef-worthy makeover.

Anna Faris
To research the Bunny-turned-house mom’s look, costumer Mona May rifled through the Playboy Mansion’s closets. While real Playmate pendants go for $5,000, May used a replica from Spencer’s ($30).

Katharine McPhee
”I wanted this to be a movie where girls could emulate what they see,” says May, referring not to the Victoria’s Secret push-up bras ($20-56) the actresses wore but the affordable heels from chain store Aldo ($100).

Emma Stone
”Her character thinks that if she looks like [Faris’ character], boys will love her.” Ah, that explains the Forever 21 bustier ($16), Celebrity Pink booty shorts ($28), and uber-girly Tarina Tarantino sweetheart earrings ($95).

Rumer Willis
For Willis’ centerpiece, May ditched the mall for a medical-supply store: It’s a real scoliosis brace ($300), which the stylist later bedazzled with rhinestones and necklaces. Just don’t confuse it with a chastity belt.

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