Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''Tropic Thunder,'' ''Breaking Dawn,'' and more

Feedback from our readers

Raging ‘Thunder’
What I would have given to be in the room with Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr. during your Tropic Thunder shoot (”Thunder Cats!”). Three gifted comedic actors, looking handsome, brutish, and bloody in their suits — that’s what this woman’s dreams are made of (though usually with less blood…).
Laura Coles
Mississauga, Ontario

How has no one mentioned that Tropic Thunder is just like Three Amigos? Actors who think they’re filming are sent to a remote area and ”act” their way out of trouble — it’s been done!
Vince Piotti
Paoli, Pa.

Writer Josh Rottenberg responds: Fair point. The same could be said for Galaxy Quest (Three Amigos in space!) and A Bug’s Life (Three Amigos with insects!). Still, Thunder blazes new trails — for one, I don’t recall Chevy Chase performing in blackface.

‘Grace’ Under Fire
I seriously disagree with your take on The Closer vs. Saving Grace (Television). How can you claim Grace is more realistic? Grace Hanadarko’s world — full of beer guzzling and profanity — is akin to high melodrama, maybe even film noir. Not bad entertainment, but realism? With apologies to Grace, I prefer my cops to work harder than they play.
Yvonne Jocks
Euless, Tex.

French Connection
We Americans think of ourselves as sophisticated, yet we could never have a First Lady who’s dated rock gods (”First Lady of Song”). Kudos to Carla Bruni for flying in the face of the PC patrol.
Joe Christiano
Oakville, Conn.

Eliza Dushku plays a bartender in Bottle Shock (Movies).

The Twilight nation has spoken (again): While 71 readers supported our harsh review of Stephenie Meyer’s novel Breaking Dawn, 296 were out for our blood.

Thanks for your honest review of Breaking Dawn. I knew I could count on EW not to sugarcoat it. I am a devoted Twilighter, but Dawn read like bad fanfic. The story line was unbelievable, even for a book about vampires and werewolves. None of the characters stayed true to themselves, and Edward, our hero, was ruined. —Tami Harmon, Avon, Ohio

Will someone please explain why an obvious nonfan of the series reviewed Breaking Dawn? Jennifer Reese couldn’t have been more wrong. She got queasy at the minimal gore in a vampire book!? Maybe someday you’ll hire critics who actually enjoy reading/movies/TV/life. Or maybe Reese was just pulling for Jacob. —Jasmine Curry, Anaheim, Calif.