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Look who got backdoored! talked to Big Brother‘s Michelle Costa, the 28-year-old real estate agent from Rhode Island, about Dan’s devilish deal with Ollie, the red leotard, and what she hopes to say to Libra once she goes to the jury house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before I begin, I have to ask: Your bio says you were the only one to object at your brother’s wedding. Did it work? Did you stop the ceremony?
Michelle Costa: No, it didn’t work. They said I was the crazy sister who was upset at losing her brother, so they actually took me out of the church. Let’s put it this way: I didn’t like the girl, but they separated three years from the day they got married, so I was right on the money.

You don’t know who was evicted after you last night, right?
No! I can’t wait to see their face! I’m hoping it’s either Dan or one of the two girls so I can say, “I told you so!” They whisked me away, so I didn’t get to see anything.

You seemed really worked up while talking with Julie Chen. Did you sleep okay last night?
I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’m trying to put everything in perspective. I’m hoping it’s a big dream, and I’ll wake up and still be in the house. I just didn’t like the way I was put out of the house because of someone else’s deal. If they want to take me out, be man enough to say they wanted me out. They were honestly afraid of me. I wish they had the cojones to tell me that.

You thought that Dan was a plant in the house. So who planted him?
I thought he was a plant like America’s Player… but not really. Theentire house thought he was. They just thought he couldn’t be thatweird. He’s a Catholic school teacher — at least, I think he is. Idon’t think he will be one when he’s done with the show.

That deal he made with Ollie was too good to be true. Shouldn’tyour anger be directed toward Ollie for believing someone wouldbasically hand all their HOH power to someone else?
When Ollie told me, I was like, “Shut up, you made this deal?” If this deal goes through, it will be the biggest ever in BB history or the biggest flop in BBhistory. I don’t know if Dan planned it from the beginning. I’mconfused with Dan because he did a lot of things from the beginning ofthe show that were questionable. I should have put in him up when I wasHOH, but I had other agendas.

How did you feel when Jerry started to call Dan a Judas? Was that fair?
I absolutely thought it was fair. Anybody can say whatever they want inthe house. He swore on the Bible and on the cross to Jerry. I’mCatholic, and I don’t believe in doing something like that, to giveyour word and not go through with it.

Explain your connection to Jessie. Why did you find him so relatable?
Me and Jessie got into [an] alliance probably on day 2. He brought in Angie,and I brought in Memphis. We thought they were little shady, so wethought we had to be careful. We looked at each other and said it wasjust us two. We talked about a lot of personal stuff. It was strictlyplatonic. I tend to get along better with guys than girls, and thegirls in the house definitely proved to me I’m right. Girls are justcrazy, feisty, and jealous. I like to be brutally honest, and I don’tthink a lot of women can handle that.

You looked good in that red leotard.
Oh gosh, yeah. Well I guess maybe it was a little better than going to Hawaii. I’m still trying to decide that.

Boy, did that piss you off. In retrospect, do you regrethammering Libra about being a bad mother for not picking the letter? Ordo you still think she made a bad decision?
I still think she made a bad decision. She should have taken the$10,000, the letter, or the POV, especially being the mother of threekids. They are learning to do stuff like crawling. She spent a wholeweek upset about wanting to see her kids. She could have taken themoney and taken her whole family on a Hawaiian vacation, but I don’tthink she’ll take her family or her husband to Hawaii. I think it’s abunch of crap, she’s an absolute idiot, and I can’t wait to tell her.

A 75-year-old retired Marine and a 53-year-old beauty salon owner have outlasted you. How does it feel?
Oh, she’s a salon owner? I knew she was lying. She told us she wasretired. I’m pissed off. It shows me they must be really scared of me.They had to backdoor me to get me out. I’m angry that they are keepingthem around. It just kind of makes me wonder: Are they toughcompetitors?

If Dan is in the final two, will you vote for him?
Absolutely not. We don’t [know] what’s going to happen, but honestly, Ithink he threw the money out of the window with that whole Russianroulette thing. He threw everybody under the bus. I already knew he wasa piece of work and should be watched. I definitely think he will beout this week, if not next.

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