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TBIATDW — Thank Britney, It’s A Three Day Weekend, y’all! (Here at PopWatch, we encourage you to worship whichever entertainment deity you choose.) Before you BBQ that last tofu dog, try one last time to even out those tan lines, and pack up your white culottes until next summer, take a look at our countdown of the ten most-commented on items of the past week. If you missed the chance to weigh in the first round, go ahead and tell us what you think this time around. We still care!

10. Simon Vozick-Levinson listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill again.

9. Amy Sherman-Palladino reminded us to be socially conscious and invited us along with hubby Daniel Palladino to the Democratic National Convention.

8. We all did our best impressions of Jessie Spano while Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar fed us cupcakes.

7. You suffered through Olympic withdrawal with us.

6. Mandi Bierly begged Michael Phelps to do his Saturday Night Live monologue in a Speedo. (And not the full-body one, thanks.)

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5. Annie Barrett carried the torch in our own little closing ceremony — of Olympic studs!

4. Everyone made t-shirts and signs and shared their best concert interactions. (Leaving out that time Zac Hanson TOTALLY DID make eye contact with me at a concert in Times Square.)

3. Amy Wilkinson and the rest of the Twilighters were thirsty for blood — and the first chapter of Stephenie Meyer’s new book, Midnight Sun.

2. You gave us your picks for funniest movies of all time. (A lot of you love Raising Arizona, left.) We laughed so hard, we peed.

1. Gary Susman strapped on his superhero cape, wondered what you thought of the prospect of Cher (right) as Catwoman, and asked if you were ready for a moodier Superman.