Center Stage, Peter Gallagher

Yes, PopWatcher Leo once mentioned a Center Stage 2 in the comments section of a post, but I thought he/she was kidding!

Yesterday, my friend Eva (who not only saw Center Stage with me in theaters but also danced her way to the ladies’ room afterward) forwarded me this link to the New York Post‘s GenPop blog. According to it, Center Stage: Turn it Up — love — will debut on Oxygen in November, before hitting DVD in January. Reportedly, Peter Gallagher (pictured, as Jonathan) returns long enough to enroll a self-taught prodigy in the American Ballet Academy, then give her the boot. Luckily, the young woman meets an ex-hockey player/ABA classmate — love — who gets her a job at a New York City club. GenPop predicts “an amazing dance-off to end all cinematic dance-offs.” But how do they top the motorcycle’s entrance? (Love. Watch it after the jump!)

P.S. Like GenPop, I also have a thing for Gallagher. Ten years ago, I had a phone interview scheduled with him to chat about his TV movie Brave New World. He called me a day early because he was sitting in his car, waiting to pick his son up from hockey practice, and had time to kill. (Love!)

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